Visit Gabriella Rothschild’s today for a visual treat and outstanding gift ideas!! Our showroom specializes in a vast selection of unique and wonderful decorative items and ideas for the home – fabulous wrought iron fireplace screens, wall grilles, Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, and anything Fleur de Lis you can think of!

At Gabriella Rothschild’s we are the exclusive retail outlet for the Baton Rouge area for the beautiful Trollbeads collection!  Trollbeads believes in preserving memories, making the collecting of beads a significant and personal endeavor. With each bead added, a bracelet can become a story unique to its wearer. Taking inspiration from different cultures, nature, the universe, and even day-to-day living, Trollbeads jewelry products include beads for bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and accessories.

It has been said that Sid Dickens Memory Blocks strike a perfect balance between intrigue and artistic appreciation, and we at Gabriella Rothschild’s couldn’t agree more!. Several reasons may come into play for invoking such an observation.
 For our admirers, it is recognizable that many careful steps are taken to bring a Memory Block from its early vision to its place on your wall. Each Memory Block undergoes a unique process at the hands of numerous highly skilled and specialized artisans using traditional raw materials and artistic techniques.  Other fans acknowledge our incorporation of materials with organic based products and our mandate to retain a safe and pleasant environment inside our workplace. Still others love Memory Blocks because the quality of each tile is unmatched.


If you are looking for unique Mardi Gras items….then look no further! It’s our specialty! Let us help you get in the spirit with items for your home and your krewe! 

Gabriella Rothschild’s also offers a unique bridal registry where you will never have a problem finding that “perfect gift” for the bride and groom!  All of which can be custom engraved or etched to your specifications!

Visit Gabriella Rothschild’s showroom located at Highland Rd. and Kenilworth, across from Mathern’s.

Let our staff treat you to the ultimate experience in effortless shopping.  We also offer free giftwrapping and can ship your purchases anywhere in the world!!

Open Mon – Fri 10:00AM-5:30PM and Sat. – 10:00AM-3:00PM


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